My name is Maria Pielaszkiewicz, I am a medical doctor, specialist in paediatrics. Welcome to my office of the Friendly Pediatrician!

Throughout many years of work in hospitals and primary health care clinics, I learnt that children and their parents need exceptionally good care, especially when they are ill. Providing the best care is objectively difficult due to non-medical reasons (number of patients, lack of personnel, limited time dedicated to patient). My professional experience is additionally enriched with the daily care of my three own children.

The mission of my office is to create absolutely the best and most caring conditions for the Little Patient and a place friendly to his parents. I would like every child to feel safe and secure here. I am convinced that good cooperation between the doctor and the parent is at least half of the success in reliable interviewing, thorough and efficient examination of the child, and thus in correct diagnosis and implementation of effective treatment.

In order to come to the support the increasing number of foreign-speaking patients, I also offer consultations in English.

I cordially invite you to use the services of my office. I am sure you will be fully satisfied!

Schdule a visit on-line (via DocPlanner): Book a visit.

As complimentary service, in case of questions, it is possible to contact via phone (prefer texting) at +48 533 777 913 or using e-mail: pielaszkiewicz.pediatra@gmail.com



About me

I am a graduate of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk (currently the Medical University of Gdańsk). From the third year of my studies, when we had our first classes at the Pediatrics Clinic, I knew that I wanted to become a pediatrician. A pediatric patient is an incredibly demanding patient, but also the most grateful in my opinion :)

I started my professional career working at the Pediatric Ward at the County Hospital in Puck, and then at the Specialist Hospital of St. Wojciech in Gdańsk (now Copernicus).

In 2012, I obtained the title of specialist in the field of paediatrics. For the last few years I have been working in the Pediatric Clinic (POZ), where I have gained additional experience working in a healthy child clinic (balance sheets, vaccinations). I regularly participate in conferences and various trainings, and read medical literature in order to expand and update my medical knowledge.

What distinguishes me at work is a caring approach to the Little Patient and building mutual understanding between the doctor and the parents.

There are professions where work can be taken home. First, I test my methods on my family - I am a mother of three sons! :)

Opinions about my work can be found, for example, on the following websites: Znany Lekarz / Docplanner, Trojmiasto.pl, or Google.



Below you will find several categories of services that the clinic offers. It is impossible to list all the possibilities of help. In any case, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

For sick children, we offer:

  • Examination, diagnosis and treatment of a sick child

For healthy children, we offer:

  • Balance research (2-, 4- year-olds, school balance sheets)


  • Patronage visit of a newborn
  • Overview of scheme of introduction of new food
  • Assessment of psychomotor development
  • Nutrition for children of all ages
  • Professional help in choosing the right vaccinations, compulsory and recommended

We also offer online visits and recipe advice.



Address of the office:
ul. Szczecińska 23/25
80-392 Gdańsk

The office is located in the building of the Alto / Sue Ryder rehabilitation center (a large painting of a man on the building).
The entrance to the building is from the side of a small inner street and is visible from Szczecińska Street. Upon entering the building, please turn immediately to the left, where you find a waiting room and my office.

Coordinates: 54°24'11.9"N 18°34'53.3"E


Price list

The estimated duration of the visit is 30 minutes, and in the case of a patronage visit, 60 minutes.

Note: Price list valid for visits from 10.01.2022.

Visit type Price Notes
Pediatric consultation 180 zł Approximate time of visit: 30 min
Pediatric consultation (additional patient - siblings) 100 zł pproximate time of visit: within the time of the primary visit
Patronage visit 200 zł Approximate time of visit: 60 min
Please sign up for two “adjacent“ visits in the booking system!
Online consultation 180 zł Approximate time of visit: 30 min
Infant's first visit, up to 6 months old 200 zł Approximate time of visit: 60 min
Please sign up for two “adjacent“ visits in the booking system!
Issuing an e-prescription 100 zł Offline procedure

We support a number of convenient payment methods: cash, card, transfer, BLIK.
We issue a receipt for each service by default. If you would like to receive a VAT invoice, please inform us before using the service.


Book a visit

You can book an appointment online in the window below. Your data is processed by the company "Znany Lekarz Sp. z o.o." (www.znanylekarz.pl).

Book an appointment with an infant up to 6 months and arrange a patronage visit for two adjacent visit slots! The price does not depend on the time taken, but on the type of visit! :)

Maria Pielaszkiewicz - ZnanyLekarz.pl



Please contact us by phone +48 533 777 913 or via email at pielaszkiewicz.pediatra@gmail.com.

Bank account number: ING Bank Polska 25 1050 1764 1000 0097 2757 7869